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Mint Promotions, Inc.  is a direct marketing firm that believes in utilizing a simple, direct approach to advertising in a consumer marketplace. Replacing mass emails and speaking avatars with real, human interaction in efforts to build open, honest relationships with the public, is why we’re becoming one of the leading marketing companies in the Western New York area which include Rochester, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls.

We want to let the quality and value of our diverse clientele speak for itself. Our marketing strategy involves putting the right people and products into a consumer shopping environment in order to create a more receptive response.

We have obtained strong, positive results using this approach and will continue to expand it into new market areas in the future. Our clear-cut goal is to ensure that all parties benefit from our promotions. We care not only about our clients’ interest and success, but also about our representatives.

The key to how Mint Promotions generates results is based on a solid structure and a tremendous team effort.

Our in-store approach within large retail venues allows us to target shoppers while they are in a buying mindset. Due to this fact, we are able to market the products or services more effectively by allowing the consumer to ask questions and interact directly with the products. These exchanges create an energy that attracts attention, ensuring more success for the campaign.

About Us

Mint Promotions, Inc. started doing in-store events because of a demand for a cost effective solution to market products during a suffering economy.  We are rapidly becoming a leader in a consumer marketplace by bringing products directly to consumers who are in a “shopping” frame of mind.

As a company, we believe that a more straight forward approach targeting consumers directly, brings the human interaction back into the marketing strategy.
We want to let the quality and value of our promotions speak for themselves. Our concept integrates the products promotion into the consumers shopping environment, thus creating a more receptive response.

We have had overwhelming, positive result from this approach and will continue to expand into new markets in the future. Our goal is simple; everyone must benefit from our promotions, not just one party. Our team spirit goes far beyond our office doors.

At a campaign event, consumers experience a professional team focused on representing the product or service. We are determined to give the best customer service and our efforts show through in the success of each event.  Our demand for more clients and retailers has caused our company to expand exponentially overnight.

Our diverse client portfolio (see facebook) has forced us to develop in-store and on-site event campaigns that are flexible and effective for nearly every type of industry. We hand pick team members to fit each event perfectly. When there is direct interaction between the representative and the consumer, it builds confidence in the purchase. This is where, as an event based company we excel…this is where we develop success!



When considering a marketing strategy for your business it is important to know the facts. The key to how we generate results is a solid structure and a tremendous team effort.


Our in-store approach within large retail venues allows us to target shoppers already in a spending money frame of mind. We are able to market the products or services more effectively because of this. Allowing the consumer to interact with the product lines or ask questions about certain services helps to create a buzz and energy that attracts attention, thus more success for the campaign. The overwhelming response has been to the real world value and savings we are able to offer the consumer. From the displays to the representatives, we strive to put forth the the high level of perfection and ingenuity. Current In-Store Events currently cover the industries to the left.


Start to finish every campaign we carry out is just as important as the other. The strength that your brand can gain through live events is astounding. Companies will spend thousands on advertising, never getting their brand directly into the consumers hands. We make it our priority to do just that.

Our marketing services will offer the clients brand the following benefits:
Greater Brand Notoriety
Increased Revenue
National Exposure
Positive Reviews

All of these things combined, can yield immense gains for a client, as they are not only reaping the benefits of a in-store event campaign, but also receiving the resulting wave of word of mouth and social media exposure. Once the consumer is happy and feels they have gotten a good deal, they are more apt to spreading the word throughout their network of contacts.


Every day companies spend thousands of dollars crafting tailored advertisements for their products without ever getting it into the consumers’ hands. Through direct marketing, Mint Promotions, Inc. makes it a priority to do just that. Our in-store marketing strategy provides clients with greater brand notoriety through national exposure, positive reviews and increased revenue.

By promoting our clients’ real-world value and offering their products and services at incredible savings, it’s easy to see why the consumers are satisfied with their experience and refer their friends.

Our goal is to create unique advertising strategies for events, promotions and innovative marketing ventures in efforts to increase our clientele’s exposure. Our extensive portfolio includes clients in the following industries:

Others include:

If interested in specific clients please visit our facebook page.


Mint Promotions, Inc. requires our representatives to be the public face for our clients and their products. As we look to expand into new markets, and take on new clientele, we need to bring new people into the team to assist with the growth. For our business to remain a success, we need to ensure that the individuals selected to come aboard understand their role and take it seriously. We pride ourselves on the superior level of service and results we are able to provide for our clients, and with that, we expect that new team players will also give the same level of effort.

Each representative must display qualities that will benefit the day-to-day operations, as well as the long-term welfare of the company. We are a family in many ways, and our whole structure is based on individuals coming together and each having a part to play in the big scheme of things.

We are looking for the following attributes in potential candidates:

No experience is required to apply, however, we do appreciate what past experience can bring to the table as well.


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